The chief

I was asked to make a farewell gift for a director of a large metal company in Roermond. In this case the SIF Group. They make large round tubes for the windmill industry. There was a considerable time pressure and there were relatively few consultations. Fortunately I can draw on years of experience with material, deadlines and I switch quickly if things are against it in the making process. I didn't know the director. I spoke to a few people about him, how he was as a director and I found some interviews on the internet. That was enough for me. An idea sprang up immediately. I also know that the first promptings are the right ones and I can trust them too.

Result in short: It has become a transparent stainless steel head. The transparency that the director himself symbolizes. The stainless steal elements are always the SIF logo. One logo has been worked out with fused glass. The windmill on the head also indicates the relationship with the company, but can also cool down in the head if they are in overdrive.

A copper golden heart indicates its heart for the matter. Something that I heard back: "He is a people person." Making decisions in the business world can sometimes simply be "out of the head", but in some cases a consideration from the heart may be the right one. When the head and heart are connected, it makes the Chief human and wanted. He will be loved by the whole tribe and will get a lot done and done. From the shop floor to the policy makers or directors.