The "Guardians" are sculptures made from various materials. I assume a certain basic form. I work with all kinds of different materials and techniques. "Mixed media" and "trial and error" principle. Every sculpture is therefore unique!

The heads or masks originate from the free hand and are driven by an emotion that is deep inside. It can be an emotion that has something to do with me, but also a general feeling of society or the world. If you are standing in front of one of the heads and you find it beautiful, cool or cool, it is possible that the head touches something that is inside of you. It resonates. Of course the other way round too: if you think the head is ugly, hard, crude or frightening, it can mean something.

This creates various "masks" with various names. There are Custodians, Warriors, Amazons, Gatekeepers, Visionaries and Shamans...

It is one of the reasons why I make art: To get in touch with people who resonate with my work and to connect. These headlines can also be made specifically for clients and made to order for the client. An example of this is also recently on my site. A farewell gift that I made for a director of a large metal company.