• Peaceful warrior

    ”The Peaceful Warrior fights for something new. Something we all know, crawling under our skins. Subconsiously we feel it. Things have to change on this beautiful planet. Let go! Of old systems and thinkings. Bring out the best in people. Return to your own source. Live! Sraight from the heart. The Warrior sets the tone, he says : “Stop! This far, and no further. He fighst for something bigger, spacious and more loving than just money, power and status. What exactly that is, is probable hard to see yet. But step by step, then it will work. Together with the Peaceful Warrior.“ Rik van Rijswick
    Rik van Rijswick
  • The Dragon

    ”The Dragon is the raw, the primal, the honest and the subconscious, which manifests in all of us. It suddenly, unexpectedly, reveals itself as a blaze of fire. The one who is aware of this power can experience the beauty and love for the Dragon and draw pure power from it.“ Rik van Rijswick
    Rik van Rijswick
  • Goddess of the earth

    ”As I arise from the center of the Earth, I show myself. My light, my beauty, my pleasure and celebration of life. I call on all life forms of this planet to be careful and gentle, to honor the feminine energy and act accordingly, so that I can travel through the universe on this spaceship called Earth.“ Rik van Rijswick
    Rik van Rijswick
  • The cheeky rooster

    ”Sculpture made for the purpose of 16 x 11 years Jocus Carnaval Society“ Rik van Rijswick
    Rik van Rijswick

Rik van Rijswick

My works have been on display regularly since the late 90s. The Guardians gained the necessary fame. The guards are the result of experimenting with material. Straight from the feeling that is going on in me. After many exhibitions and collaborations with galleries, I started making a triptych in 2007, which was completed in 2015. These are large-scale metal sculptures, 12 meters in height. The triptych consists of the Dragon, the Peaceful Warrior and the Earth Goddess.

What makes me unique with these large sculptures is that they are made in-house and without external financing. At that time it seemed crazy to start this without an assignment. It was and still is a struggle to earn resources to implement the ideas. In retrospect, it didn't hurt me. First of all, there is therefore a maximum use of creativity, which is of paramount importance to me. Secondly, my work is therefore very authentic.

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